Six games have now come and gone in the Championship, and if the early season performances are anything to go by this will be another long season for Millwall.

After six games the Lions sit 21st, just above Charlton Athletic, on 6 points.

We have also suffered four defeats, and in most of them the Lions have played well and controlled some of the game, but it does show the fine lines between success and defeat in this tough division. But problems are starting to show within the Lions team, one is the formation.

The Lions have mostly played 4-3-3 with central midfielders Liam Trotter, Josh Wright and Jimmy Abdou filling the midfield three, with James Henry one of the strikers role. Despite the three in attack we do not have a lot going forward, the centre midfielders sit back, plus no left winger playing means a lack of width.

Playing three in the middle of the park is simply not working and surely has to be changed. Despite his pre-season fine form, Chris Taylor has not been started or played at all this season, surely he deserves a chance?

Liam Trotter won’t be dropped due to his “ability”, Josh Wright won’t due to his passing and movement and Abdou won’t due to his defensive play, it almost seems like Kenny Jackett is scared to drop Liam Trotter, the best form of last season after all, was when Wright and Abdou were the centre midfield pairing.

Another problem that is evident is the amount of goals conceded by a leaky defence. The Lions have averaged letting in more than two goals a game so far. Fans will be hoping this is just because of the injuries to Paul Robinson and Jack Smith but I’m not sure. Ex Brentford Karleigh Osborne was meant to be challenging for the centre back positions but after six games he simply doesn’t look good enough, yet. He doesn’t look the part at Championship level, I’d much rather be playing Danny Shittu for his experience.

Players such as Osborne haven’t adapted as yet, but Scott Malone has risen to the challenge, not the best defender but a strong attacking player, the type of player KJ wants for his “Passing football revolution”.

For the next game against Brighton, one of the best squads in the division, there has to be some changes. I would drop Osborne for Shittu. Osborne doesn’t look ready and Shittu is a experienced player at this level, I believe this will calm down the defence. Plus the 4-3-3 has to go, we seem exposed on the left wing, so go 4-4-2 with Taylor on the left and drop Liam Trotter, but in all honesty I can’t see that happening. Plus I would also like to see Chris Wood start with Andy Keogh.

My team for vs Brighton


Dunne Shittu Lowry Malone

Henry Wright Abdou Taylor

Keogh Wood


Roll on Saturday. Keep the faith. COYL



  • Sanders
    3 years ago

    Maybe no Taylor, he has an ankle injury. I would use Wood against Brighton as Hendo struggles against them and ‘Desperate’ Dan Shittu, I think so he frightens the opposition without kicking a ball and we need confidence at the back.

    KJ will have the last say and as you say there are fine lines between success and defeat in this tough division and we are not far off the mark. Lets not forget, we are far from being amongst the best supported teams in this league, revenue is restricted, John Berylson bank rolls the continuing loss and KJ manages a tight budget well. I am sure we will survive again with him at the helm.

    Lets be hopeful and keep the faith!

  • Kev
    3 years ago

    Who are we kidding here? After watching yet another defeat (in a once a formidable Den), I could believe how poor our defence was. Remember when Millwall were a difficult team to beat, especially at home? Now we even to lose to the likes of Crawley! If changes don’t occur we will be back in League 1 suffering even greater financial losses. I don’t pretend to be an expert but even I saw the problems early on with our defence, sort it out KJ.

  • Chris
    3 years ago

    It took me one game to see Osbourne wasnt up for Championship football when he looked out of his depth v Crawley.Its no surprise that we did so well at the end of last season as Trotter wasnt playing. He is a good footballer however his work rate lets him down Lazy.KJ continues herendous tactickle blunders that will see us back in League One. I think he has taken us as far as he can go. Why also are we missing out on non league gems not sure of the scouting network either. Morrison was proven in non league.

  • Jasper
    3 years ago

    I like Kenny but feel he has lost his way a little. Osborn is not up to standard for this division. There are some big clubs in this division and next season we could see Villa, they all get a lot of support.

  • Ben
    3 years ago

    I agree with Chris. I was at the Crawley friendly at the start of the season and Osbourne is another panic buy – similar to bringing in Stewart last year who sat on our bench after starting a few games and added no value to our squad.

    I think there is a number of problems at the moment. There were no leaders on the pitch Tuesday night, last season I could see the captains armband on Craig and Robinson. Now I can’t see anyone starting in that line up that gives a bit of fight.

    Osbourne and Shittu replacing Ward and Craig? I can’t see how that has helped us in any way. You’ve lost a versitile left/centre back and leader in Craig and a composed centre half in Ward. Replacing them with Shittu who must be on higher wages to warm the bench and Osbourne is a bad bit of business as far as I’m concerned.

    Right back we’ve got to fill the void. Malone is composed and can play out from the back but Dunne isn’t championship level in my opinion.

    Finally I think Henderson needs to be dropped. From what I can see there is no partnership with Keogh and his head isn’t in the game, plus he isn’t looking match fit. Woods should be used as much as possible on this loan, hopefully we’ll have a similar partnership like Harry Kane last year.

    Keeping the faith in Kenny!

  • Connor
    3 years ago

    I’m not being funny but we need to stay with our team boys!! We did get off to a bad start and there’s no doubt that the defence looked shabby against Crawley, but if you just keep slagging KJ off then I ain’t surprised he’s buying defenders ASAP!

    I think we should start with Keogh and Chris old up front, but have Henderson as a substitute cos he is known to get late goals, and when Robinson comes back from injury, play him and Shittu at the back!