I almost always get comments on my articles telling me that they’re negative, which is fair enough, as the last few months has thrown up a lot to discuss and hardly any of it has been pretty or nice to read, but it has been worth talking about.

Now, I feel like we might finally be on the verge of change at Elland Road, so it’s time to focus on the positives a little.

Obviously GFH Capitals finances have been scrutinised recently, and they may well prove to have little money, but considering they have provided Bates with proof that they have the money available to purchase the club, they can’t be quite the paupers they are being portrayed to be.

What we need to remember is that prior to GFH’s emergence we were stuck with Ken Bates.

I know some say ‘better the devil you know’ but if taking a chance means we’re rid of him then so be it. Anyone that looks at GFH and wonders if they’ll be good for the club needs to remember that anything is better than Bates, as it stands the club is going nowhere and he clearly has no desire to finance a return to the Premier League out of his own pocket. We spent a lot of time planning protests, chanting ‘Bates out’, taking our shoes off etc and we’re finally close to being rid of him once and for all.

GFH deserve their chance, whether they’re planning a quick resale or truly intend to ensure we earn promotion we owe it to them to at least give them time. Ken Bates has spent 7 years running our club into the ground, so could a new group really do any worse?

Worryingly, the good feeling that came with the initial takeover news seems to have been absolutely drained out of everybody, so it’s time to try and get that back. Forget everything you’ve read about GFH’s finances and ignore the doubters, because quite simply, even if GFH are just looking for a quick profit, they’ll only make that by financing a return to the Premier League.

This is it for Leeds, for the first time in years we’ll have owners that want promotion as much as us fans, owners that are happy to give the manager money to spend on improving his squad and if their twitter efforts are anything to go by, owners that want to communicate with the fans.

The last few months has seen us lose focus on what’s important, no longer will we have to endure being called morons for wanting better things for our club, we won’t have to listen to or read the Ken Bates propaganda that spews out of the club on an almost daily basis and we can finally reunite as a fan base and get Elland Road bouncing again.

Good times are on the way at last for Leeds, it’s been a hard slog and we’ve had our hopes and dreams crushed many a time, but Ken Bates is about to leave our club for good, and for that, we must thank GFH for effectively doing what Bates always claimed he had done, twice.

Time’s up Ken. Leeds United have been saved.




  • richard
    3 years ago

    Amen to that !!

  • cvbv gill
    3 years ago

    Lots of blame attached to ken Bates, yet who would have bought the club without him getting into consistent profit?

  • Steve-Turner
    3 years ago

    But that profit has only come from player sales? any of us could have made a profit that way!

  • BleDeBla
    3 years ago

    Look who Bates sold Chelski to .

    Hang in there Leeds .

  • Rex
    3 years ago

    Can’t believe there are still Bates’ apologists around”!

    Constant profit? Did Forest, Blackburn and apparently, now, Birmingham achieve this? No, but they still managed a takeover.

    Bates must be a nightmare to do business with – apparently there are 26 different companies associated with LUFC!

    Roll on the takeover, anyone must be better than Bates.