After seemingly turning a corner in the season with a few well earned victories, the last few games have made sure our feet have stayed firmly on the ground.

With every defeat comes that feeling of disappointment, and losing to Hull, despite being completely outplayed, was no exception. What was hardest to take was the blatantly obvious difference in class between the two teams. Hull don’t have the strongest team in the division, far from it, but they made us look like relegation fodder.

Understandably, this resulted in mass frustration with a section of the fan base calling for Warnock to step down. The argument here is that with the January transfer window about to open, should we really be letting him spend money when, as it stands, this will be the start of his last few months in the game.

It’s a fair point. The alternative is to get a new manager in on a longer contract and let him start building for next season, or a promotion push at worst. I’m sure if GFH-C decided to do this the majority would understand.

But is that fair to Warnock? This is the guy that stuck with us when we needed him most. Many would’ve walked away over the summer, especially after being promised money to spend only to see a deal worth £400,000 fall through due to a lack of funds.

Warnock’s style of play may not be as pleasing on the eye as some would like, but his hard working ethic has paid off on more than one occasion this season and you cant help but feel that if a few of the lower quality players can be replaced with others of a higher standard then things could change quickly.

It’s easy to look past the facts sometimes, especially in the aftermath of a defeat, but Warnock is a good manager with a good record and he knows what kind of player it takes to get out of this division. For the first time in his spell with us he’ll have the chance to bring in players that he really wants, players that could win us games against any team in the division. Of course, that doesn’t mean that his signings over the summer weren’t players that he wanted in, but you cant help but think that Luke Varney would be playing elsewhere right now had money been available for Craig Makail-Smith.

Regardless of what we all think, the buck stops with GFH-C now and they’re in control of what happens with Warnock, but considering they specifically requested that he stayed on when they took control, it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere soon.

Whether that turns out to be a good or bad move, only time will tell, but with one of the most important transfer windows of our recent history about to open it makes no sense to turn on him now.

As we have done for years now we really need to ‘keep the faith’. If over the next few months we see no progression then it may well be time for Neil to step aside and let someone come in to build for the future, but the season is on a knife edge and a few quality players could make a massive difference, after all, we are only a few points off the playoffs.

2012 has been a year of change for Leeds, but we end it in a good position in the league, new owners who are ready to back the manager financially in the transfer window and a fan base that is slowly but surely reuniting.

It’s early, but I’m quietly confident that 2013 might just be our year.

Either way, have a great one.

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  • PAUL
    3 years ago

    Warnock does not deserve to stay only this morning on newsnow it said Redknapp is reluctant to let Derry and Hill go to Leeds, is this the best he can conjure up two 35yr old past its, what will they do next year oh yes retire so what a waste of money, he has already brought dross into this club, yes not all his fault due to money lacking but he still brought them in because they were cheap and unwanted or free and unwanted, look at Varney for example what a revelation he has being so far, he needs to go now and get rid of his dross and the other dead wood left from Grayson and get some money free for wages to go with GFH’s money if they have any, hence it was wages we couldn’t compete with for wood apparently not the actual transfer fee, get him out now and get someone new in to start afresh.

  • Mikey
    3 years ago

    warnock needs to leave this club immediately there is no doubt in my mind that he is an outdated dinosaur from another generation and the style of football if you can call it that, is turgid, boring and has no place in the modern game.
    Club is still a mess and do not be surprised if Ken Bates is still the main owner of Leeds United.
    Something does not feel right.
    GHF have probably very limited funds to be injected into the team this month and I for one remain sceptical and unhappy that anything is going to change in the near future.

  • Tom
    3 years ago

    I think you two are being very pessimistic about everything. Granted, results haven’t been brilliant, however, Warnock has built the side we have today by utilising all the dead wood Grayson left behind. In my opinion he has done some very good pieces of business with regards to the players he has signed. Rodolph Austin, poor against Hull I would say due to poor fitness, but at the beginning of the season, he looked like one of the most promising midfielders in the league. David Norris, very hard working, and consistently performs. Jason Pearce, a good solid young (ish) defender who granted, still has a lot to learn, as does Tom Lees. Diouf, another top performer, signed up, and kept despite premier league interest. McCormack kept when he looked certain to go the same way as Howson and Snodgrass. He has brought in the likes of Sam Byram from the youth side who has been a revelation without a doubt. In my opinion, the worst player we have signed is Lee Peltier. Granted, we are short of a couple of stand out player, we have no players capable of making magic happen or changing the game. However, with Warnock looking to sign a couple of player ( Chris Wood would have been fantastic btw ) I believer the squad we have will be a a very strong one with the right additions. We are in a league this year that I believe is the most difficult it has been in many years, I think there are 12 teams who are all more that strong enough to compete in the playoffs, and the team Warnock has put together is without a doubt much stronger than last years

  • Tony
    3 years ago

    Tom,this is his team not Grayson.who . exactly has he got rid of nobody wants the garbage we still got the books.look at his win ratio it’s less than 38%.the fans are staying away because we play long shit football and it still costs too much .I went to watch the hull game and have to say expected what happened the man is clueless Warnock out a.s.a.p

  • Carl
    3 years ago

    When NW first came to Leeds I thought it was a good move for the club as QPR brushed everyone aside the year before last. However, the way QPR went about their football that year wiped my memory from his days at Sheff Utd where the only balls you saw from them were in the air. Unfortunately this season has brought those memories back with a vengeance. Fans can put up with the hoofball tactics if they are successful, but to suffer them and not win is soul destroying…no wonder the gates haven’t increased- and no doubt won’t until the football gets better.
    Also listening to the guy’s interviews are cringe-inducing. He thought we should have beaten Forest and thought we played well against Bolton, and everybody is at fault except his tactics or line-ups when we lose. Sorry but in my opinion its time for him to move on.

  • bobby
    3 years ago

    To all you muppets saying warnock out how very stupid to get rid of our manager wen we’re on our best run in years won 7 out 10 and 3points off playoffs and with couple pacey attackers n bates gone n our real fans get behind us everygame if u can and we wil be thanking warnock in may mot mot mot

  • robert
    3 years ago

    Warnock here to stay warnock warnock here to stay what are all you on best man 4 job