After a series of disappointing results this season everybody seems to have turned on Paul Jewell.

The majority of the fans are calling for his head and strong rumours have been circulating that Harry Redknapp will be replacing him.

The original story started to circulate about a week ago and stated that Redknapp was a friend of Ipswich owner Marcus Evans after the two had played golf together. There was nothing in the story other than that but some fans seemed to buy it, probably more in hope rather than expectation.

Even if the two men are friends and had played golf together (which isn’t even confirmed) it doesn’t mean that Redknapp wants the Ipswich job and as far as I know it isn’t in the rules of golf that a job must be offered at the end of the game.

At the time Jewell still had some fans behind him and because the story seemed a bit too far-fetched to be true most fans seemed to ignore it. Life went on and everyone looked to the game against Charlton in the hope that Ipswich would start to pick up some points.

Although the results have been poor the performances have not been the worst and if we won against Charlton things wouldn’t be looking too bad. However things couldn’t have gone worse for Jewell as his two main strikers got injured before the match and Ipswich slumped to a 2-1 defeat at Portman Road.

Even though it is just one result it seems to have already been a big turning point for the fans. The number of supporters that are backing Jewell has started to drastically drop after the Charlton game and the team were booed off after the final whistle.

This obviously increased the amount of hype around the Redknapp story and it resurfaced itself after the game. Some bookies have reportedly stopped taking bets on Redknapp to be the next Ipswich manager and Skybet did have odds of 20/1 which they then slashed to Evens.

Of course it is not known why the bookies would take these precautions. It could just be that they know something we don’t or it could just be that they have been misinformed.

Personally, I can’t really understand why Redknapp would want to manage Ipswich as he would be taking on a pretty difficult task and putting his reputation on the line. Furthermore Marcus Evans has a reputation for giving managers plenty of time to turn things around so if history is anything to go by then a new manager won’t be coming in any time soon.

My thoughts on the situation are that Jewell should be given at least a couple more games to try and turn things around. If the team get a good run of 4 wins out of 5 games then they could easily be in the play-offs, which shows that it still is early days. I think it is unlikely that Redknapp is actually interested in the Ipswich job but it would be encouraging if he was.

Regardless, the fans should get behind the team for the next match against Barnsley. I remember last season Ipswich went 2-0 down in the same fixture, won 5-3 and then went on a good run of form. Fingers crossed we will see something similar on Saturday.


  • JT
    3 years ago

    Take your head out of the ground. Jewell is a huge failure, last season and even worse this season. I don’t want very small chance of a “good run of games” like you say, but then look what happened after that “good run of games” same old rubbish. He has to GO. He can’t get his players to perform, he’s tactically inept, he can’t attract the right players, he can’t keep the right players. He has to GO. He’s had enough time.

  • Ian Hudson
    3 years ago

    Jewell does seem to be tactically inept like you say but it would be unrealistic to think we can do better.

    Redknapp probably isn’t interested and neither are many other managers. It is likely that we won’t be able to replace Jewell with anyone better.