England’s first World Cup game this year is against Italy, the team that completely dominated the English when they two met in Euro 2012 (albeit the Italians weren’t able to score but eventually won on penalties).

However the Three Lions shouldn’t be so frightened this time around, as the ‘Azzurri’ only managed a draw against a country that still hasn’t learnt the art of a throw-in!

Watch as Luxembourg’s Chris Phillips does probably one of the worst (and funniest) throw-ins in the history of football.

The book-makers will be scratching their heads now as England’s odds of escaping the group just got a little bit better.



  • Romano
    1 year ago

    Alas another England fan shooting their mouth off about Italy. You really show your naivety of football by basing your somewhat child like judgement over friendlies before the start of the world cup. Haven’t you learnt from history? Go to your room, fetch your old England national top, (yes, the one you wear to work) dust off the cob webs and count the stars. Then google the Italy top and you will notice 4 twinkling stars above the badge. Now count the difference in the numbers of stars. And yes, its ok….Use your fingers if need be.

    I remember these same cavemen comments at the last Euro’s and then i remember a lot of drunken English fans walking around, acting like yobs, with what looked like their extremely white/dough coloured tails between their legs!
    If you bother to do your homework, you will learn that these friendlies that Italy have played have been for technical assessments of the team. i.e. against Luxemburg, we tested 3 x different formations during the game to establish important plans and ideas. Tactics. Technical ability. They weren’t there to run like chickens, fatigue the players, risk any further injuries or even better, get red cards! Ring any bells yet?

    So, Look the words up that I’ve mentioned….Then look down at your lonely 1 star dating back 48 years ago!

    Kind regards

    • Teddy Dulyachinda
      1 year ago

      I’m actually half Italian and cheered Italy since the 1994 World Cup. The throw-in was just extremely funny! And we all know how bad Italy are in the friendlies, but show up for the real thing :)
      FORZA ITALIA indeed!