After NK Dinamo Zagreb fans taunted Cristiano Ronaldo during their Champions League group stage kickoff match last season, the Real Madrid striker offered an explanation for the supporters’ jeers: “It’s surely because I’m good-looking, rich and a great footballer. They’re jealous of me. I don’t have any other explanation.”

There’s something about these players – their confidence levels are so sky-high they expect to win trophies – and more often than not, they have claimed silverware. Whether it’s players we love to hate, or hate to love – they add a tonne of personality to the game and football wouldn’t be the same without them.

Football fans love discussing (well, ranting about) these players with big egos, so today, we decided to compile a list of 15 players who we thought had the biggest, baddest egos in world football.

Click on Nicklas Bendtner to unveil the top 15

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