They call it the beautiful game, however this motley crew prove that football is not always worthy of its title. During times of physical exertion nobody ever looks their best, however these men look far worse than most.

It’s been a tough process to narrow this list to just 20, with many, many players down the years having faces that resemble an un-made bed, or dropped pie.

Luckily for some their footballing ability serves as a distraction from their appearance, yet some don’t possess that luxury, being ugly to watch as well as just plain unattractive, aside from their bank accounts. As Peter Crouch once said in response to the question: if you weren’t a footballer what would you be? “A Virgin!”

So without further a do, here is my list of the 20 ugliest players in Premier League history. Brace yourself, it isn’t a pretty site.

Click on Luke Chadwick to get the ball rolling

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