The cost of football to the modern day fan


  • Essexian76
    5 years ago

    Football is like a candle, insomuch as the very thing that makes it brighter, is slowly killing it at the same time. I’ve seen the game from the packed terraces of the 70/s and 80’s, when teams and supporters battered each other as a matter of fact. Now we’ve got players who seemingly couldn’t care a less about the team or fans and the overall cost of attending has spiralled out of control. But who’se really to blame? It’s us I’m afraid to say, its us who pressurize chairman for players, its us who demand and expect them to deliver. Read some of the posts on here for example..”He’s only 12 million” or “lets buy XYZ from xxxx” Who pays?, we do in some way or another, to a point where we simply cant afford it any longer. See how many empty seats are evident when you watch MOTD next time!