Still stationed deep behind enemy lines, manfully tolerating the constant barrage of stodgy food and inadequate air conditioning, courageous FanCast reporter Oscar Pye-Jeary continues to document his travels with Team England despite being forced to endure hours and hours of endless entertaining football, solely for your benefit.

This week he bravely smuggled himself into the final hosting city of Kiev – in solidarity with our brave boys – by way of a luxury chartered plane, with literally no thought for his own safety, or company expenses. He arrived to find the city already occupied, by none other than our dastardly Swedish opponents. Consumed with patriotic pride, duty and some kind of apple beer concoction, he valiantly sang vaguely insulting songs about Eurovision and flat pack furniture at them, slowly crushing their spirit ahead of the mighty tussle that awaited.

Enjoy, experience, or sigh disapprovingly at his traveloge diary come bloggy type thing, as he brings the Euros direct to your expensive multi-media device of choice, whilst hopefully remembering to mention something about the football this time.

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Click here to see Part One of Oscar’s Video diary at the Euros


  • Martin Dwyer
    3 years ago

    Not working.

  • Ronald
    3 years ago

    I love to watch football festeryle on youtube but I would love to see more TV coverage, especially in the UK. Who knows maybe one day we’ll see more of it? All the best