The well documented debate surrounding Celtic’s bid to join the Premier League has been ignited further by UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino’s latest comments.

Infantino declared that his organization would be “open to discussing everything,” in response to former Celtic owner Fergus McCann’s assertion that the club should be competing in the Premier League.

Infantino also alluded to the current experiment going on in women’s football in which top clubs from Belgium and Holland compete against one another in a newly formed championship.

He said that the results of that experiment will be analysed in the hopes of making a more informed decision on Celtic’s proposal.

In keeping with the debate, we look at the pros and cons of Celtic joining the Premier League…

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  • Ronnie MC
    3 months ago

    First off you cannot have Celtic in the EPL without Rangers. You need both to represent the rest of the British Isles and Ireland.

    The Old Firm joining the EPL would be great for the whole of the British Isles and Ireland. It needs to happen ASAP for the future of Britain.

    The EPL would become an even stronger league, placing it head and shoulders above all the competion and attracting 10′s of millions more fans worldwide from the US, Canada and Australia to name a few emerging markets.

    Scotland would benefit by having a competitive SPL for a change. Every town in Scotland send buses to Old Firm games every week no matter where they play. A lot more Old Firm supporters would support a second local team instead of travelling to England every fortnight. The clubs left in Scotland may actually make more money from the resulting increased attendance.

    Could you imagine the Old Firm sharing a stadium in Glasgow similar to Milan, it would sell out >100,000 every week.

    With the Welsh in the EPL and doing well we need the rest of the British Isle represented in this league. The Irish and Northern Irish would have a more natural team to support in the EPL. They like the Scots have allegiance to one of the Old Firm. By being in the English league it may resolve the religious differences somewhat and bring these Islands closer together rather than tearing them apart.

    Most of Scotland support or prefer one side of the Old Firm and you know how passionate fans are about football. I would say most care more about their football teams than they do the national team. When you consider this and in light of the very close independence referendum in Scotland I think the Old Firm must be allowed into the EPL for the sake of the union. Otherwise Scotland / Old Firm will feel excluded and just say Fuck It! We may as well go it alone, push for another referendum and vote for independance, then Great Britain will be no more. However, If the Old Firm were in the EPL any thought of independence would be quashed somewhat if they realised their team would be ejected out.

    Do not underestimate the passion for football, we live for it!