Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has blasted Frank Lampard’s loan move to Manchester City as a way of the Premier League champions avoiding Financial Fair Play regulations, Express reports.

The Chelsea legend will join the Sky Blues on loan, before making the move to New York City FC when their season kicks off in March next year.

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Wenger believes that the fact Man City own half the franchise at New York City, as well as Melbourne City and Yokohama Marinos, will allow the clubs to feed players into the Etihad.

“It is a surprise,” said Wenger. “As after the statements we heard it looks like all these City clubs will feed the main club.

“I heard they want to buy five clubs all around the world. I don’t know the rules well enough.

“They bought the New York franchise for 100m dollars in the States to play next season and at moment the players they sign cannot play until next year.

“They will register in the clubs where they will put them and they can get out on loan.

“Is it a way to get around the fair play? I don’t know.”

However City have already been hit by the FFA rules, with their Champions League squad on a two-year salary freeze along with a £49million transfer cap on buying players this summer.



  • alphie_izzett
    1 year ago

    Isn’t it a bit early in the season to start manufacturing excuses?

    Frank Lampard left Chelsea on a free, Maureen didn’t want him and left him no other choice but to find a new club or retire. Frank is 36 years of age, he’s signed a 6 month loan deal to keep fit and may be of marginal benefit to City. He could have signed for any club on the same terms, if he’d wished.

    I really don’t see Arsene Whinger’s point, unless it is to stir up old resentments against serious, businesslike owners who invest in their clubs and run them debt free.

    • sam sealey
      1 year ago

      Arsenal is the best run football club in the premier league. Best business model and a club that makes significant profit each season, so why would he have any resentments? Man city isnt run debt free and niether is Chelsea at the moment.. I dont see your point