Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has insisted the club will continue spending this summer, expecting to exceed the £100million mark, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The Reds have already spent £57million thus far, signing Emre Can, Lazar Markovic, and Southampton duo Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert.

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However with the club record £75million sale of Luis Suarez, Liverpool have been injected with transfer funds to further strengthen the squad.

Rodgers will be in the market for a striker to replace their departed star, with Loic Remy and Wilfried Bony emerging as targets.

“The signings we have made have no relation to Luis going, absolutely – these were players that were always earmarked to come in,” Rodgers confirmed.

“We felt last year we just never had the depth and we are in the Champions League this year so we have to ensure we have as strong a squad as possible.

“Obviously Luis going gives us the clout to go and spend more and we are getting the right type of player in.

Along with attackers, Rodgers is also interested in defenders Dejan Lovren and Swansea’s Ben Davies to shore up their shaky back line.



  • Livmad
    1 year ago

    BR and Lfc needs to sell flops i.e. Lucas and Allen to free up spaces for more talented youngsters such as Suso, Jordan Ibe and Teixera.

    • User Avatar
      Shaun Martin
      1 year ago

      I wouldn’t call either flops but I would agree that after all his injuries Lucas would be better off if he moved on to get more playing time, but think he has been a good and honest player for Liverpool.

      Regarding Allen, there is no doubt that he took some time to settle, but I could see him improving over the season and getting more confident so feel with the extra games we will have to play this year he will be a great squad player for us so I would keep him.

      Fully agree with your comment of bringing through some of the excellent young players we have, they always bring an exciting no fear attitude and an energy that suits Liverpools style of play.

  • User Avatar
    Fergus John
    1 year ago

    The powers that be have continued to make preliminary offers FAR below clubs asking prices. We are looking like millionaire thrift shoppers. Moreno should already be a Red, but no… offer an insulting bid below his teams valuation weeks have passed and suddenly other teams are in the mix. He is not the first player to fall into this genre nor will he be the last. LFC have started a trend this season, and may I add the first season of wealth in many, and we truly are missing out on every opportunity available. Bony is the next example in a long list of similar offences, Lovren is another. In each case the original asking price has increased, in some cases dramatically and where has it left us? Spending far more than anticipated and more importantly, originally asked. Why would Swansea deal with us now? Why would Southampton sell us not one but two more players? We have to prove to the football world that we are here to stay.
    I have, as all LFC fans enjoyed seeing the new arrivals, but I truly feel we need to change our signing tactics ASAP. Modern sports requires quick and deliberate decisions and in continually low balling teams player valuations will quickly shut many doors down the road. I sadly believe that if they maintain this tactic, not just next season but the many to follow will yield fruitless attempts to emphasize what a class organization we are and will stagnate all that has begun in 13-14. By the way Luis, good luck in Spain, and thanks for the lift to Champions this year. YNWA.
    One last thought before bed. Instead of looking for the impossible replacement of Suarez’s 31 goals in 1 single player, how about 3 respective backs who could curb the 50 we allowed last year, cut it down to 30, and find 1 or two attacking forwards who could net 10 each? Yes it sounds daftly simple and perhaps offends Rodgers passion for attacking football but you grow by improving your weaknesses not what you already know. Have a great summer all! YNWA !!!!