Manchester United legend Gary Neville has written off Liverpool’s chances of winning the league this year, claiming last year’s title challenge was a “miracle.”

Liverpool were the surprise title contenders last season, surpassing Chelsea and Arsenal to push Manchester City till the final day of the campaign.

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However former United defender Neville has predicted the Reds will suffer this time around, tipping City, Chelsea, Man United, and the Gunners to finish in the top four at the end of the season.

“I don’t think Liverpool will win the league,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“I think it was a miracle, really, to get to the point that they did last year. I think they were absolutely at full pelt last year, 100 per cent, to get to the standard that they got to, they really were.

“I thought at one point with three weeks to go that they were going to win it because the momentum was with them, the performances were outstanding and they just fell away at the last.

“Success this year for Liverpool, for me, would look like a Champions League finish, getting to the knockout phase of the Champions League and doing well in a domestic cup.

“That’s not being patronising, I just think that last year was really an over-achievement and I don’t see them being stronger than City and Chelsea.

Neville also doesn’t expect United to win the title, stating they still need two or three new players before they become a team capable of challenge Man City and Chelsea.

“Unless two or three players come in I don’t think it’s realistic that he can win the league this year,” he said.



  • ken2222
    1 year ago

    first of all, look at ur team dump ss nevile, liverpool will finish 2 or 3 and man united will finish 5 or 6. this term u will know the real liverpool and man utd will learn from liverpool how to play like a real pro, wait and watch stupid neville

  • fredric
    1 year ago

    Neville you little rug rat looking homeless peasant. Look at your backyard before you say anything about others. Your side is complete and utter write off. Not van gal but if you collect top 10 coaches on the planet they still wont be able to fix the sorry looking side you have. If your side is a few years away from competing with chelsea and city then clearly you aren’t watching the same league as the rest of the world is. Crawl back into the little hole you came out of and keep you little rug rat comments to your self.