Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand is looking to become England manager after he attains his coaching badges, Daily Mail reports.

The Queens Park Rangers defender clearly believes that he is capable of turning England’s international woes into triumphs if he were to get the country’s biggest job.

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“Everyone has dreams of playing for England and my dream after football is to manage England,” he revealed.

“I don’t expect the chance now, but once I get the badges I am there. If I don’t get a job in management I will wonder why.”

Ferdinand began his coaching tuition this summer after ending his 12-year Manchester United career.

But despite winning a host of trophies, the 35-year-old is keen to achieve the same level of success as a coach.

“I will give myself the best opportunity of getting the job by getting all the badges,” he added.

“I don’t think people should start shouting the odds about the opportunity to manage clubs until they have their badges. I am not sitting here saying ‘give me a job’ because I don’t have them yet.”

The former Leeds United centre-back is currently on a UEFA B licence course, with only the A Licence and Pro Licence in the way of Ferdinand starting in management.



  • shoggie
    1 year ago

    What’s wrong with that? Because is black. Come on grow up.

    • James Jones
      1 year ago

      I don’t see anything in the above story that makes an reference to his skin colour, let alone any speculation as to whether he should or should not get the job. It’s a new story. It is purely fact. No speculation or opinion.

      Perhaps it is you who needs to grow up. You can’t just make assumptions of racism like that. Muppet.