Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew believes that being competitive in the Europa League has hindered his sides’ league form.

It seems that achieving the aim of bringing European football back to St James’ Park may not be ideal for the team as a weekend hangovers are a regular occurrence for his slim Toon squad.

“We are missing a lot of creative talent at the moment and being without this many would be a big blow to any team in the Premier League but we are not going to bleat about it,” Pardew told the Daily Mirror.

“So we are going to have to find a new way of winning games.

“Our success last season was based on our number of clean sheets and the discipline of our back four and keeper.

“But because of our European commitments the work we have been able to do on this has been minimal.”


  • Dave
    3 years ago

    Great – might as well finish about 10th every season (so as not to stand any chance of European qualificatio) and get knocked out of every cup competition at the earliest opportunity- I hate to think what would happen if we ever qualify for the champions league- we’ll beat Wigan tomorrow though (wont we?)