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The Celtic nation find themselves bottom of their World Cup qualification group after a 2-0 defeat to Belgium on Tuesday night, with pressure mounting on the under-fire coach.

It is believed that Gordon Strachan is in line to replace Levein before the next competitive fixture, and Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan has admitted that the future is unclear.

“The board will expect to understand why we are bottom of the group,” said Regan. “Why do we find ourselves in the position we are?

“We’ve gone into the matches with as much preparation as the manager has needed and we’ve tried to get off to a flying start and that hasn’t happened.

“We’re four games into the campaign. We’ve got to reflect on what’s gone wrong – why are we bottom of the group – and we need, as a board, to decide what happens next.

“When we’ve had the chance to sit down with him and the board we’ll make decisions on what happens next.

“We’ve got to separate two things. We’ve got the current campaign and we’ve got the plans and foundations for the future that we’ve put in place. Those were started round about two years ago.

“We brought Mark Wotte in to try to lead that. Look at some of the progress that’s been made – particularly the under-19s qualifying for the elite round (of the U-19 Euro Championship) over the last few days. We’ve got the under-17s playing extremely good football. We’re building for the future but that’s going to take a while.

“With the current ‘A’ team we’ve got a squad of players that Craig brought in to try and do a job. He spent time over the last campaign getting ready for this one and we came into this campaign with a lot more optimism.

“There was a feeling that we could actually hit the ground running and we would make an impact. We got two home fixtures in the dates meeting and we wanted to be in a better place than we are now.

“We’re not there. We need to sit down and review what happens next. Craig isn’t responsible for the performance going forward. Craig is responsible for the national team,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight


  • Deehan1888
    3 years ago

    Levein should have been sacked when he played a 4-6-0 formation against Czech Republic. No manager should play that formation against any team, including Spain. To play that against a team like the Czechs, who aren’t even a great team, was an absolute joke. Levein has no idea how to put out a winning side & plays overly cautious in every game no matter who we are playing. We have the players to have a potentially decent attacking team with guys like Commons, Forrest, Fletcher & Rhodes. Neither of those players have featured enough this campaign. I really do hope that Strachan is the next manager as I think he’s a great manager & can really get the best out of the players
    The annoying thing is this isn’t the hardest of groups & we could have been challenging at least for second spot. We should have been more attacking in the home games but Levein chose to go one up front with Kenny Miller who doesn’t even get a game at club level for Vancouver. Now we need to wait again till the Euro 2016 campaign to start to have another go at qualifying for a major tournament. Depressing.