It’s fair to say that the general public didn’t take well to Phil Neville’s analysis of England’s opening World Cup fixture last night.

The ex-Everton and Manchester United player was lambasted on Twitter throughout the game for his lifeless and dull commentary, even failing to get excited for Daniel Sturridge’s equaliser.

Comedians, players, and the general public took to social media to hurl abuse at Neville during the match, with even South Warwickshire Police having their turn to mock the pundit.

With his elder brother, Gary, having received wide acclamation for his insightful, analytical approach on Sky Sports, Neville’s ‘robotic’ sound was an unpopular change for many English viewers.

Here is a sub-section of some of the tweets aimed at Phil Neville.

Bare in mind, these a merely but a few of many thousand who tweeted their discontent. I just hope that Phil has steers clear of Twitter for some time.


  • Arturo
    1 year ago

    BBC had dropped an almighty clanger in thinking Phil Neville could summarise a Word Cup Match. Such a boring boring voice. He could not say a sentence which contained more than five words. Don’t let him loose on another match please please. It there had been an alternative Channel covering the England v Italy match I am sure 95% of viewers would have switched over the other 5% just turned the sound off.