The Premier League ‘Losers’ XI

If your team is caught in a relegation dog fight, this Premier League Losers XI is filled with a fantastic array of players that will make your slump out of the top-flight all but certain. These footballers are the relegation specialists who move from club to club in an aid to win a relegation battle but rarely do.

Some have been described as having a relegation fetish, others are clearly omens of bad luck and misfortune and a few are simply not quite good enough to ever play for a team that could escape the perils of relegation.

This Losers XI is a fantastic mix of players past and present who in trying their hardest will inadvertently get what ever team they play for demoted out of the top-flight, and often in ceremonious style.

Click on Ben Thatcher to witness the unholy footballing alliance that is the Losers XI

Ben Thatcher

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