Arsenal will regret refusing Fabregas

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Will Arsenal regret turning him down?

Date: 7th June 2014 at 9:52pm
Written by Cal Byrne

Perhaps it’s that memories are terribly short in football – it was only three years ago that Cesc Fabregas’ transfer to FC Barcelona was painted in the worst possible terms for Arsenal. It was a sign of how far the club had fallen, a sign that Wenger had led the club astray. It’s 2014 and now Arsenal are apparently no longer in need of a 27-year-old Fabregas coming into his prime. Both conclusions are probably too extreme and it seems the truth, in life, as well as football, often lies somewhere in between. It’s not so much that Arsenal do not need a player of Fabregas’ quality but that ... Read More


  • Chris
    1 year ago

    I dont believe for a second that wenger has rejected fabregas. What i think is Wenger wants cesc at a lower price( 20-25m). Barcelona want fabregas gone and fabregas wants to join arsenal so why should wenger pay 30mill? Now barca are trying to get other clubs to bid so that it will force arsenal into paying the first refusal price

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