Arsenal’s success hinges on both the Premier League and FA Cup

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Arsenal’s season – it’s all or nothing

Date: 29th March 2014 at 9:45am
Written by Ben Coldwell

It’s difficult to determine what accounts for success from many teams at the outset of the season. For Manchester United, would simply fighting for the top four have been enough? Arguably, it would not. But if you were to offer them such a luxurious position now, they would snap your hand off. For Arsenal fans, their well-documented trophy drought would have been their primary concern. But having been sitting pretty atop the Premier League table for the best part of two-thirds of the season, league success was not beyond the realms of possibility. You can only truly determine the success of a side once their season has shaped up. By Christmas, it was clear for Man United fans that league victory was beyond them. And by January, qualification for the Champions League looked unlikely. But for Arsenal, the season has only really been shaped in the past two months. Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City’s domination and interminable ... Read More


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