Benitez had no opportunity to succeed as Chelsea’s manager

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Chelsea’s source of success is the route of their problems

Date: 7th February 2013 at 2:29pm
Written by Asim Farooqui

It is a tough situation to be in for a club where the owner is largely responsible for their success as well as their downfall, but that’s the situation I see Chelsea in at the moment. Roman Abramovic has a cut throat approach to football ownership where he demands instant success and is very unaccepting to a drop in the standards that he has for his club. Of course it is his money being pumped into Chelsea, and because of that he pretty much has the right to do what he pleases, which is fair enough whether people like it or not. However at the same time, I think his approach is the route cause of why the club are in the situation they are in at the moment where they only have the FA Cup left as a realistic possibility for silverware this season. Roberto Di Matteo had delivered Abramovic his holy grail of the Champions League trophy, something which not even the great Jose Mourinho managed to achieve at Stamford Bridge. Despite this, after a ... Read More


  • nick.schnell
    3 years ago

    Although Benitez has made some questionable decisions as Chelsea manager, he was placed in a hopeless situation. Abramovich needs to give his club the chance for stability before his club will succeed.

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