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Why Man United must not get cold feet over Louis van Gaal

Date: 26th August 2014 at 6:47pm
Written by Christy Malyan

Looking back, one would dare to utter the word 'conspiracy' - if it didn't come with the connotation of a celibate 50 year-old wearing a foil helmet in his mother's basement. An honest, modest and hardworking Scotsman from Merseyside, brought  into the corporate world of Manchester United, only for everything to spiral out of control until low share prices  destroyed his reputation. Why? Because it was a sticky wicket and the Red Devils needed a fall-guy. Not too many managers were prepared to step into Sir Alex Ferguson's shoes last summer but David Moyes was flattered to even be considered. If not a conspiracy, then the plot to one of the Coen Brothers' screwball comedies. The Big Fellaini anyone? In truth, there was no untoward, furtive planning going on around Carrington last season. Simply put, Manchester United envisaged a six-year project with Moyes at the epicentre, but got cold feet just ten months later. After all, uncertainty isn't an emotion United have felt towards their manager since the late 1980s; they're hardly acclimatised to the Premier League's seemingly entrenched culture of hire-and-fire. The Moyes situation was an unanticipated shock. And after winning ... Read More


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