Despite a lack of silverware, Arsenal’s new stadium is a huge achievement in the current climate

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Chelsea boss is well off the mark with Arsenal comments

Date: 18th February 2014 at 6:50pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

Misinterpretation has come into play in the latest bout between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho. The Arsenal manager gave a fair answer to a question that was posed to him, offering a fairly innocuous reply to the point that only he and Manuel Pellegrini had considered their sides to be in the Premier League title race. His “fear of failure” reply wasn’t really meant to spark any kind of row with anyone; it’s an understandable stance to hold for most managers who don’t want to deal with the ramifications of having failed to reach a target they themselves had set. Mourinho, however, launched a counter offensive in spectacular and underserved fashion, citing that Wenger was a “specialist in failure” and that he’d be chased out of town and would never return if he went eight years without winning a trophy at Chelsea. It’s a fair point but wholly unjust when given proper context. Yes, Arsenal have failed to win a piece of silverware since 2005, and a club of their ... Read More


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