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Arsene Wenger is the Sam Allardyce of the Champions League

Date: 29th August 2014 at 6:41pm
Written by Christy Malyan

I struggle to think of a greater philosophical disparity between two managers than  Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal boss, an eternal beacon of technically-demanding purist football; the West Ham manager's attritional style of play famously branded '19th Century' by Jose Mourinho last season. Indeed, in this sense, they are polar opposites; Ying and Yang, chalk and cheese, Elvis Presley and Dizzie Rascal. Finding any similarities between the way they set up their sides is a task equally rewarding as trying to make a piece of toast cry. Yet, at their diverse levels of the beautiful game, Allardyce's and Wenger's reputations have been built upon essentially the same characteristics - consistency and survival. The ability to, regardless of short-term limits in resources and finance, prevent their clubs from moving backwards by maintaining their respective statuses. After beating Besiktas 1-0 in an incredibly uncomfortable European double-legger, I'm sure, just like me, your every  orifice has been invaded with critical acclaim of Arsene Wenger for once again securing Arsenal's place in the Champions League. Many have dubbed this 17 year-run an incredible achievement, considering no English side has been able to match that consistency over the last two decades. But apart from financial security - ... Read More


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