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Is ‘Arrogance’ this Arsenal gaffer’s greatest flaw?

Date: 9th April 2014 at 6:47pm
Written by Christy Malyan

No one can doubt Arsene Wenger's quality as a manager. When the Frenchman arrived in the Premier League back in 1996 as one of its first overseas gaffers, his revolutionary views on diet, the consumption of alcohol, the role of the modern full-back and his emphasis on talented foreign youngsters changed the English game forever, not to mention the incredibly aesthetic brand of football he has continuously championed. But nearly twenty years on from signing his first contract with Arsenal, a decade since Le Prof's most defining campaign of undefeated, 'Invincibles' glory, and the Gunners gaffer can often come across as a manager slightly out of touch with the modern game. That Invincibles season in 2003/04 represents the North London outfit's last Premier League title, and likewise, should Arsenal fail to win the FA Cup this year, it will mark nine terms without any form of silverware. The club's move from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium has undoubtedly played a significant, burdensome role, but with Wenger's figure in the dugout the only remaining constant amid that baron, near decade-long silverware run, one feels compelled to question where it all went so askew for Arsenal and their manager. Could the simple notion of 'arrogance' provide enough of an explanation  into Arsenal's ten-year title woes? Perhaps that description unfairly suggests an egotistical character flaw - you certainly wouldn't actively label the Frenchman as 'pig-headed' or obnoxiously confident in his own abilities - but many, including myself, would certainly subscribe to the theory that Wenger's stubbornness has stunted his club's growth over the last decade. ... Read More


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