Finishing 4th and winning the FA Cup would be a success for Arsenal

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What would constitute a successful season at Arsenal?

Date: 16th March 2014 at 10:26am
Written by Cal Byrne

It’s a question that is becoming increasingly pertinent in modern football: how do we measure success? Football, in the beginning, was just a game. And success in a game is only achieved by victory. There may be other reasons for playing, but there’s only one way to succeed; and that is to win. Football is no longer just a game, it’s much more important than that. Football is a business. People depend on the game not for exercise or enjoyment but for income. With the introduction of money into football the game became distorted. Winning was no longer about chance. People don’t like chance when it comes to their money. Chance suggests they might lose some of it. Elite football now finds itself divided into two strata: those that can win and those that cannot. Arsenal have been criticized ... Read More


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