Frank Lampard should get a new contract at Chelsea

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Vintage Chelsea legend gets better with age

Date: 22nd March 2014 at 3:04am
Written by Cal Byrne

Ageing is one of the more tragic aspects of sport. There is no other high-profile industry in which we get to watch the slow creep of age set in quite like professional sport. Actors change roles. Models fade into the black. But footballers? Footballers struggle on. Consigned to the same positions they occupied at 20, we grimace and cringe as tackles become increasingly late and the once sure-of-foot begin to stumble. But this not a fact that we try and ignore. Quite the opposite; we are obsessed with it. Nothing excites the modern football fan quite like a talented 17-year-old. As if out of some futile effort to defeat age itself, these players are urged onto the pitch earlier and earlier. ... Read More


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