Further mind games from Mourinho will only strengthen Chelsea in the title race

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Is he doing well to play down Chelsea’s chances?

Date: 6th February 2014 at 6:32pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

Jose Mourinho is playing this game expertly. For those of us looking objectively at Manchester City and Chelsea’s squads, there isn’t really a gulf in class. Sure, one has strengths in certain areas where the other is lacking, but it’s made up elsewhere on the pitch. Mourinho, though, is covering his own back by talking down Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premier League this season, even if in secret he doesn’t really believe that. He’s taken the pressure off his own squad and thrown it at Arsenal and City, with the aim, obviously, of weighing down the other two title contenders into ultimate submission. For all Chelsea’s strength under Mourinho and the Portuguese’s tactical proficiency in ... Read More


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