Luis Suarez has become a leader by example

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The surprise leader by example at Liverpool?

Date: 6th April 2014 at 10:06pm
Written by Cal Byrne

There are two types of leader on the football pitch, we are often told. The first is the loud, charismatic figure who roars at his troops, urging them forward with a wild swinging of the arms. The second is the quiet one. The one who goes about his business with as little fuss as possible, but leads those around him by his mere presence. No one had considered Luis Suarez a leader. If anything, the forward was very much the opposite. Suarez needed to be led. However, the Uruguayan’s performances in the Premier League this season mean that he is fast becoming this second type of leader: the leader by example. But this is the last phrase that one would have associated with Suarez time last year. The 21st of April 2013. That was ... Read More


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