Man United fans are the new Liverpool fans

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Are Man United fans the new Liverpool fans?

Date: 25th March 2014 at 12:34pm
Written by Cal Byrne

The fans never stopped supporting the team. That’s what they’ll say when looking back at David Moyes’ first season in charge of Manchester United. Whether Moyes only makes it to the end of the year or goes on to create a second 20-year dynasty, it’s unlikely that there'll be many darker days than the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool. And still the fans kept singing. While the support for the team was certainly admirable, it was equally as tragic. They didn’t cheer the team on because they expected a comeback. That was impossible: there was no coming back from this. They sang to prove a point. We’re still singing because we’re not like you. We’re still singing because we support our managers. We’re still singing because we’re Manchester ... Read More


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