Man United spent too much on Luke Shaw

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Has this former Man United star got the right to comment?

Date: 27th June 2014 at 6:44pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

Maybe it’s the boredom of being away from the pitch and the day-to-day of being associated with a football club, but Paul Scholes hasn’t taken long or shied away from getting stuck in to a number of topics. And what’s the problem with that? Would we prefer sterile, safe punditry? Scholes, whether or not we agree with him, has generated debate. Scholes held no punches in his assessment of Wayne Rooney, citing that the player had peaked at 26 and may not be around too much longer after he turns 30. It’s an interesting angle. England has a player who should be among the best in the ... Read More


Agreed - 100%
Disagreed - 0%
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