Media training is ruining football

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Man United’s scapegoat is only guilty of being interesting

Date: 16th March 2014 at 10:15am
Written by Cal Byrne

Is it better to be boring or hated? This is the question Premier League footballers must ask themselves. For many it may be an easy choice, the tedium is surely more bearable than the level of vitriol that modern footballers are increasingly subjected to. But the decision is not the point, what matters is the unfairness of being forced to choose between these two evils. In reality, such is the level of media training that young players go through, this is not a choice that is actively considered. Football clubs have their players so well drilled when it comes to talking to journalists, that they barely even have to think at all. Triggers are picked up and met with pre-prepared answers; clichés are well rehearsed and easily roll off the tongue. However, stray from the script even slightly and the result is ... Read More


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