Mesut Ozil will still come good.

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Are we being too harsh on this Arsenal star?

Date: 13th March 2014 at 6:33pm
Written by Ollie Bishop

With large sums of money comes a huge amount of expectation and for Mesut Ozil this burden has become all too evident of late. The Arsenal playmaker has suffered a severe dip in form, something that many have been quick to pick up on and exploit. With Arsenal’s Premier League title challenge fading, the criticisms of Ozil have only intensified in recent weeks. Ozil clearly isn’t playing anything like he can, but shouldn’t we all be a little more understanding? Mesut Ozil is clearly a quality player, you only have to look at his performances for Werder Bremen and Real Madrid to realise this. So we aren’t looking at an unknown, we all know what he can do and when he doesn’t the natural response is to start asking questions. Wenger tried his best deflect some of these concerns a couple of weeks ago, ... Read More


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    2 years ago

    We need to respect and support our players in times of their hard times to help them built bond and passion not to treat them bad.

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