Mourinho needs a plan B at Chelsea

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Mourinho needs to find a ‘plan B’ at Chelsea

Date: 7th April 2014 at 4:45pm
Written by Cal Byrne

It’s rare for a league leader’s loss to team who are fighting against relegation to feel so predictable. But then this isn’t the first time that Chelsea have lost to team in the bottom half of the league this season. They lost to Aston Villa three weeks ago! And this certainly isn’t the first time that Chelsea have seriously struggled to create chances against supposed lesser opposition. For struggle has been a theme of this campaign for the London club. If they were to win the league this year, it was always going to be more through persistence than quality. Results like those against Arsenal have been the exception, it’s bashing their proverbial heads against the walls of Palace-like defences that has proved the rule. Chelsea are a team with a single game plan: counter-attack. And when they are allowed to instigate their plan, it tends to work extremely well. For instance, their performance away to Manchester City was widely eulogised as the best of the season. The balance between attack and defence was perfectly poised. Mourinho had struck gold. The problem with this game plan is that it is reactive. ... Read More


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