Mourinho will lose to Atletico over two legs

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Blaming others for his shortcomings at Chelsea?

Date: 22nd April 2014 at 5:45pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

If Jose Mourinho’s efforts were an attempt to deflect attention from his Chelsea players onto him, he’s done a fantastic job. People are talking about him, probably the way he likes it, instead of his team, who couldn’t overcome the team propping up the Premier League table. As is always the case, it’s someone else’s fault Chelsea lost against Sunderland on the weekend. Referee Mike Dean felt most of Mourinho’s ire post-game, with the manager implying there was a conspiracy against his team, one which prevented them from taking anything from the game. We know Mourinho uses this tactic, it’s one that’s helped him in every country he’s managed. There’s always been an evil his team were battling against, whether it be the media, a not-quite-clued-up owner or a super team assembled north of him. But at some point it will stop being someone else’s fault. At some point, Mourinho has to hold his hands ... Read More


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