Sir Alex Ferguson should take at least some of the blame for Manchester United’s poor form

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Time Lord Ferguson should’ve had less say in his Manchester United regeneration

Date: 9th January 2014 at 1:16pm
Written by Oscar Pye-Jeary

It may well have occurred to him before, in fact it almost certainly had, but this Christmas is when it will have really hit home. That was when it became real. Perhaps he looked in the mirror as people often do, in films. Those big, bulging eyes, like two Cyclopes’ joined at the nose, or the good side of Marty Feldman in a symmetry mirror, staring back at him, terror etched across his eroding Scottishy face. “Am I cut out for this?" He may have asked himself. "Is this too much? The global appeal, the obsessive fans, the omnipresent weight of impossible continuity?” Everyone loves you when you’re the big fish in the medium sized pond, but this is the f***ing sea! Still, I think Peter Capaldi will make an excellent Doctor Who. Precisely for the reason that wobbly little niche show has endured as a national institution for half a century; Change. A reason another famous sweary Scottish lord of time would’ve been wise to heed before he regenerated into a lither, less successful version of himself. The post-Ferguson propaganda out of Old Trafford made a great deal of his successor being “cut from the same cloth.” After everyone had gotten over the joke about this cloth being tartan, the general ... Read More


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