Terry should have been on the Player of the Year shortlist

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Should this Chelsea legend feel hard done by?

Date: 21st April 2014 at 6:30pm
Written by Cal Byrne

It’s harder to create than destroy; that’s what they always say. Empires that took centuries to build have burned in a single day. Reputations built up by years of do-gooding can be torn asunder by one false move. However, things are not the same in football. Creation and destruction happen simultaneously. They are reactions to each other. One player is always trying to create, and their opposite number to destroy. And while the destroyers often prevail over the creators, it’s the latter that tend to get all the plaudits. Creators can fail for 89 minutes, have one moment of brilliance, and come away from the game as a genius. In contrast, those charged with destruction can do the majority of things right, make one slip, and be labeled a ... Read More


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