The premier league should change the home grown players quota

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Who cares – the rule book in English football went out the window a long time ago

Date: 6th February 2013 at 2:35pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

Newcastle has been a prominent topic of debate over the past week or so. Not only because they have done well to add significantly to their squad and force their way out of harm’s way, but they’ve also been the prime example used when discussing the loss of identity within English football. It doesn’t really get much more nonsensical than this: a discussion about Premier League clubs losing their identity and foreign names damaging the tradition of a team. What exactly has been so different in Newcastle’s recruitment policy during the January transfer window than any other club’s approach over the past two decades? It also ties in with that ruling of clubs needing a certain quota of English players in their squad, which is another stupid idea. The fact of the matter is that there are not enough good English footballers to fill up the Premier League as a greater percentage than foreign names. England is not the footballing factory that Spain, Germany and Brazil are. England has good academies, but nothing of the reputation of those abroad, where you’re guaranteed to have “homegrown” players ... Read More


  • nick.schnell
    3 years ago

    Although the rule attempts to preserve the tradition and identity of English football, I don’t think the premier league is in danger of losing anything. It is very important to have English footballers in the league, but it is not more important than the quality of football.

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