This will be another slow and disappointing summer at Arsenal

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Setting Arsenal up for yet another disappointing summer?

Date: 7th May 2014 at 6:40pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

Arsene Wenger is either throwing us off the trail (the apologists like to call it a smokescreen), or he’s telling us exactly what’s going to happen. The Arsenal manager last week spoke of stability and that his side were close. He added that he didn’t expect a large number of signings this summer, hinting that the theme of three maximum could be continued, while sounding out the difficulties the World Cup will create during the transfer window. Off the bat, stability can be used with one intention but interpreted as another. For those whose glass is half empty, stability means the club aren’t planning to do too much. Just as Mesut Ozil’s blockbuster signing last summer failed to disguise what was yet another poor period of business throughout, this summer is likely to feature one or two names that won’t really rock ... Read More


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