Tiki-Taka is dead following Spain’s defeats at the World Cup

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Are we witnessing the death of Tiki-Taka?

Date: 19th June 2014 at 6:04pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

The easy thing to do after Spain’s two defeats at the World Cup is to label and accept the downfall of tiki-taka – and they’re embracing it by the boatload. There’s something joyous about seeing a power that once toyed with some of the best across Europe reduced to rumble; each of Chile’s goals at the Maracana on Wednesday felt like thunderous blows. By the end, Spain’s empire looked to be in ruins. It’s easy to label it as such, the ‘death of tiki-taka,’ because it’s fun. A lot about sports is celebrating the misery of others, especially those who have tasted such glory for prolonged spells (see Manchester United). But Spain’s performances at the World Cup thus far have confirmed one thing: things need freshening up. Here’s the thing that left me a little confused about this hysteria about tiki-taka football’s ashes being spread over various cities in Brazil: doesn’t it actually have to be enforced by Spain, followed by a convincing win from the opposition, for the ... Read More


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