Wenger could have done more to end Arsenal’s trophy drought in previous seasons

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Are Liverpool simply highlighting Arsenal’s abject failure?

Date: 16th April 2014 at 6:32pm
Written by Thomas Hallett

At first it looked to be a foreign idea, literally. The idea of building a team with little resources, smoothing out the imperfections of one by meshing him with another and combining for something successful. At first it looked like the money-driven state of the Premier League wouldn’t allow it. Liverpool don’t have to win the Premier League title this season for them to have made a statement. It’s a statement alongside what has been done in the recent past in Germany and what is currently happening in Spain. It happened in France, too, and to an extent, it’s currently happening in Italy. It is possible to build a title-challenging team, seemingly from scratch, to compete with the financial might of others. A curious debate has emerged this morning. Actually, it’s not really a debate, more of an irritation from some at having been told, apparently, how to think in these last few weeks of this season. Apparently there is some angst that journalists are telling neutral fans that they should support Liverpool in this title race, citing any number of things to support their argument. That’s not the issue here. The issue is people’s selective nature in choosing when they’ll rebel, though quietly, to what’s being fed to them. People have an issue with being ... Read More


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