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Is this Arsenal star limiting his growth as a footballer?

Date: 21st July 2014 at 6:54pm
Written by Christy Malyan

Last week, Jack Wilshere was caught by paparazzi chugging on a fag in a Las Vegas swimming pool, making it the second time in just twelve months he's been spotted sucking on a cancer stick, and rubbing further salt into the wound that was statistically England's worst World Cup campaign in their history. The Arsenal midfielder's actions have sparked an interesting debate regarding what standards should be expected from players in the modern game. Indeed, having a bi-annual cigarette will do your body little, if any actual harm. What's more, evidence suggests that rather than inhaling an entire Mayfair Superking, Wilshere was merely having a drag on his brother's - he was on holiday after all. Thirty years ago, not lighting up on an evening out would probably have sparked questions on the terraces about your sexuality. But that was thirty years ago. Nowadays, footballers are meant to be the pinnacle of athleticism, their whole bodies designed and distorted into footballing machines. They're also meant to be -whether they like it or not - role models for the younger generations. More than the 22 ... Read More


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