Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted it will be difficult for his team to catch league leaders Chelsea after watching his side slip to a 1-0 defeat against Stoke City, reports Sky Sports.

However, the Gunners chief has also hit back at criticism that his side dips in form towards the end of the campaign.

Wenger saw his side drop to third place in the table on Saturday, four points behind leaders Chelsea, and behind second placed Liverpool on goal difference.

The Frenchman described the loss at the Britannia as a “big worry” and a “major setback”, with just 10 games of the season remaining.

“We cannot say it’s easy,” Wenger said.

“It is difficult, but I expected them to win at Fulham.”

Wenger did remain confident his side would bounce back however, and responded to suggestions his team usually dips in form at this point of the season.

“I would say look at our results at the crucial point in the season and you would be surprised,” he added.

“Somebody says something that is not checked and everyone repeats it and it becomes an opinion, even if the facts don’t show it.

“Our end of season has always been very strong.”

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man utd vs spurs


  • atin
    2 years ago

    The following are my personal views of Arsene Wenger [AW], in relation to how he runs ARSENAL FC.
    1. Technically, I am of the belief that he was one of the world’s best football coaches. Or else, how does one account for all the numerous and charismatic “students” of his?
    2. But his “youth” policy vis-à-vis his turnover rate has been carried a little too far. As a result, he missed the balance between procurement of “children/old men”, and winning silverwares.
    3. The above [2] was effectively overlooked by his board members who, one might claim, let him continue on this path due to the rate of cash flowing into their accounts.
    4. Presently, the fans, including yours truly, have started kicking against silverware drought: AW cannot perform.
    5. Each summer, funds are released for him to buy players; he returns most of if without buying any experienced player.
    6. In all the Barclays competitions, Arsenal usually parades the greatest number of injury. The reason is this: AW tries to price ALL the best players in the market, but unceremoniously dumps these prospective players owing to their price tags [Mata, Higuan, Jovetic, Martinez, Cavani, Lewandoski, Fellaini…..inthe last year and up to Ibrahammovich, Drogba in the previous years] Now during matches, these players turn their anger on Arsenal players out of annoyance of having been spawned.
    7. In an effort to make up the numbers, he panics, and buys the Kim Kallstroms, Sonagos and Flaminis of this world.[The purchase of Ozil was out of panic to stem a revolt, I suspect]
    8. Owing to AW’s appetite for deep pocket, his sale for the adult “chickens” is phenomenal.[In the last 2-3 years: Clichy, Nasri, Van Perse etc- all sold to his Barclays competitors;, and the rest sold abroad]. In other words, their replacements do not have maturation period: they learn on the match arena. How then can Arsenal win?
    9. Aw is also notorious for commenting on issues that do not concern him. Or else, how can one rationalise his outburst at the sale of Mata to Man. U? Have we forgotten that he sold his captain, Van Perse to Man. U. about a year ago?
    10. Conclusively, AW is egocentric- thinks he knows it all; would never entertain views from others. He keeps repeating processes year in year out and hoping for a different result- an obsession that I think is based on obsolete ways of thinking. To my mind, AW is a was, and should go, otherwise made to go.