Arsene Wenger could decide to leave Arsenal after their FA Cup final with Hull City on Saturday, according to Tigers legend Dean Windass.

Wenger is yet to sign an extension on his contract that expires at the end of this season, despite having an offer on the table for most of the season.

And former Hull striker Windass believes Wenger will finally call time on 18-year tenure as Gunners boss regardless of whether wins the FA Cup or not.

He told the Daily Star: “I think Arsene Wenger will walk away.

“He has been one of the most successful managers in Premier League history and to have been in charge of Arsenal for as long as he has is incredible.

“But Arsene has had his time and if they do not win the FA Cup he should leave.”

And Windass also insists the Arsenal faithful are right to question Wenger’s ambition after nine years without silverware at the Emirates.

“At the end of the day, Arsenal are a massive football club and are use to winning trophies,” he added.

“And having not won any silverware for nine years, fans are right to question his ambition.

“But win the FA Cup, walk away and have a fresh challenge is what I feel Arsene is planning to do.” 



  • da
    1 year ago

    I cannot believe you have had the nerve to write this article, let alone print it! I mean, you’ve used Dean Windass and his opinion. In what universe does he know anything about being a manager, let alone being Arsene Wenger, the greatest foreign manager to grace these shores?
    He’s already said he’s committed to the club and is not going to leave, yet you’ve wasted you’re on time gathering information from some ex hull player that happened to score a few goals some time ago.

    Do you really have nothing else to write about…. ?

  • MC
    1 year ago

    I agree with da.

    This guy James Jones is an absolute disgrace.

    What an insult to Arsene, Dean Windass (who?) and his profession.