Arsenal may have trouble securing a top four Premier League finish this season.

The Gunners confirmed at their AGM last week that finishing in the top four is their priority this season, but they currently sit two points adrift of fourth-placed Tottenham in sixth following a controversial 1-0 win over QPR on Saturday.

And Curbishley feels that the level of competition at the top of end of the Premier League means that Arsene Wenger’s side may struggle to fulfil their priority.

He told Sky Sports: “I think it’ll be tough this season. They managed to get in there last year with a great run near the end of the season. But they are being threatened at the moment.

“Arsene Wenger said in the club statement last week that the priority is Premier League, Champions League and then the next priority is qualifying for the Champions League, which is what they have done for so many years.

“If you’re a Champions League team you can attract certain types of players. If you’re out of that Champions League spot it can be very difficult. It’s imperative that they finish in the top four, but I think it’s going to be a bit of a job on their hands.”

Curbishley went on to admit that there are a few teams that could threaten Arsenal’s top four chances throughout the season.

“We’ve spoken about Tottenham and I think Everton as well. But I think Newcastle may, if they start picking up a couple of results, start threatening the top four as well,” he added.


  • Joe
    3 years ago

    Yeah,yeah, heard it all before, how many times was that said last year and we still got fourth.They’re like the doomsayers and their sandwich boards always predicting the end of the world and it never happening, dare say in million years they might be right lol.

  • jayjay
    3 years ago

    Thanks @ Joe These are prophets of doom who want to make history but downing our team!!!!! They forget that we have qualified for the CL consecutively for the past donkey years why don’t they do the prophets of that!!!!!

  • sambo
    3 years ago

    Whatever has Curbishley achieved in his ill-advised coaching career to merit him judge Arsene Wenger’s team. He is a serial failure both as a coach and a pundit. His opinium counts for nothing come May.

  • Sandy
    3 years ago

    Pls keep ur bullshit comments with u, pls do not underestimate our team, we will qualify for champions league as well as win the premier league this season.

  • steve.
    3 years ago

    I agree with Curbishley,after what i saw
    at the weekend i doubt if Arsenal will
    finish in the top half,and if it means
    getting rid of Wenger, i hope they don’t
    Let me give you a for instance,look at the top four teams in the Premierships
    strike force,then look at ours,next look at the quality of our goalkeepers,
    and their’s.You carn’t get away from the truth,and yet some of you still say,
    In Wenger we trust,we play like a Sunday League side.

  • JohnW
    3 years ago

    All teams have off days. You can’t deny the fact that Arsenal now is much more complete than last season, but because we have a few new players, they will have to gel. I think we will see the best of Arsenal this season after January.