In a pre-World Cup friendly interview with Nicklas Bendtner, the Arsenal striker hints that he wants out of the club this summer in an attempt to get regular football.

He also makes a good point that, if a footballer is happy with not playing for his club every week then he should find a new job.

Clearly he is talking about his feelings towards the club after a season with very limited playing time.

With only 14 games to his name this season, the striker made his intentions quite clear as he talks about his fitness and readiness, but no matter how prepared he is, if the manager doesn’t pick him then that’s that.

He does seem quite happy during his interview, but maybe it’s because he knows he could be back in business with a new club next season?

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    Paul Hainsworth
    2 years ago

    He’s out of contract at the end of the season and will not be offered a new one, so it’s not really a hint.