Arsenal’s dream transfer hitlist this summer


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    André Hatlevik
    1 year ago

    He will want to play at a club where he will become a instant and constant starter with similar style to the one he has played for years with Barca!!!!!! Plus London is a much better place to settle down since the town is one of the most visited in the world!!!!!! Plus he knows Arsène Wenger has made players better then they already were several times including his former ex-Barca teammate!!!!!! And the Emirates Stadium is ranked as one of the finest in the entire world. Plus Arsenal FC won a trophy last year Liverpool did not and Arsenal were on top of the league 128 days over twice as long as the Reds with 58 days on top behind even Chelsea. And Arsenal got Özil whose first touch for the Gunners was an assist who will only make it much easier for the Chile player. And by bringing Sanchez in there is a bigger chance to land Sanchez country man Arturo Vidal who is a top Arsenal target according to most papers. And Arsenal also managed to become the first club to beat both Bayern and Dortmund both away in 9 years. And entered the hardest Champions League group any English team had to enter nut that did not stop Arsenal FC to dominated both the group the FA Cup or the Premier League. Arsenal FC was the best English team last year and by Man City with only 6 days on top describes that well. Don’t look away that losing to Wigan Athletic was on purpose just so they could get a way to strengthen they’re opportunity at the Premier League title.