The Gunners came back from a 2-0 deficit to bag a point at the Emirates, with some shaky defending marring their first-half performance.

Wenger enjoyed the game and was happy with the result, but believes that his team were the victims of their own nerves:

“It was a fantastic game with both teams going for it,” he told Sky Sports.

“We have shown great quality and spirit but we were nervous defensively. Going forward I felt we were absolutely outstanding all night.”

Arsenal were booed at half-time by sections of the home crowd, as the visitors entered the break in the lead.

Wenger put his side’s anxiety down to the pressure of the supporters and the big game atmosphere:

“Recent history in the big games at home plays a part, you could sense it from outside.

“We have to get rid of that psychological factor when you play at home defensively.”

Luis Suarez gave Liverpool an early lead, driving a deflected effort into the net after some questionable defending from the hosts.

Jordan Henderson added a fortunate second after the break, sparking Arsenal into life.

Olivier Giroud connected with a Jack Wilshere free-kick to head home, before Theo Walcott lashed a powerful effort past Pepe Reina.


  • Bridgers
    3 years ago

    It’s not nerves, it’s total incompetence. How can professional footballer be put off by the expectations of the home crowd. It was the Arsenal comedy defending show again, and whoever told Wenger that Santos was a defender needs shooting, there ar many better left backs playing Championship and League One.

  • Matt Gunn
    3 years ago

    It has got to that point when Arsenal’s defensive philosophy must be permanently put to rest in favor of adopting the defensive philosophy of any other club in the league. For far too long we have been waiting for the ‘gel’ which never comes. Arsene – WAKE UP..!

  • josh
    3 years ago

    As long as Wenger continues not to realistically acknowledge that there is a real defensive leakage, then Arsenal can be expected not to qualify fro next season’s Champion League, as placated by Arsenal’s Board Chairman and the CEO that it was OK and not a big deal if Arsenal does not! What a damper if there is one!