Believe it or not, Arsenal were favourites for the Premier League title for sometime earlier this season.

However, as the season draws to a close, the Gunners haven’t just surrendered their title hopes, but may also lose out on a top four spot to Everton.

And given the turbulent season Wenger’s side has had, it’s little wonder the Emirates faithful don’t exactly know where they stand with their feelings towards the man who has brought so much glory to the club in the past, but is now struggling to keep that success up.

So here’s a handy little guide for Arsenal fans to know how they should feel toward’s Wenger at certain stages of the season. This should prevent any more surprised fans over the course of the season from now on…


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    Delford Magaya
    2 years ago

    I think Wenger use to get some good advise from David Dean, since David Dean left Arsenal there is nothing to talk about anymore.