Oh Fernando, how could you?

It’s seems the Torres misery saga will never end. Ever since the £50m move he’s appeared a man cursed. Flashes over brilliance come and gone only to leave behind the mediocre and sometimes the terrible. Saturday’s game was the terrible. The game did a good job of summing up much of Torres’ post-Liverpool career. While the Chelsea striker managed to score it’s his ability to miss that fascinates us.

And what a miss it was. The audacity of the lob is comical given the poorness of its execution. Some may muse that the confidence to attempt the shot is a sign that the striker is back. I won’t.

The 2014 Torres seems fundamentally a different player from the one that we witnessed at Liverpool. Whatever is was – pump, suave, swag – it doesn’t appear to be there anymore so we shouldn’t expect to see the player of before. And that’s a real shame.

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    PstBolarinwa Owolabi
    1 year ago

    I don’t blae the author because it is evident that he was expecting Torres of Liverpool Era. He has forgotten that: Torres perfomance is a function of the style of play. When he joined us, our pattern differed from what he was used to. So he had to under-study to know where and how to fit in. We didn’t give him any breathing space. We were expectiing magic that never came on time. If Torres is as bad as you’re painting him, he couldn’t have made it to the mundial. When it mattered most Torres was there.